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Quality Carpet Layers Insurance

Looking for a quality carpet layer insurance package which covers all of your insurances and doesn't cost the earth? Tradesure are trade insurance specialist, that's all we do. We can put together a tailored insurance package to your requirements, including public liability, income protection, tool and work trailer insurance. Because we have been in the industry for years we have the experience and knowledge to answer all your queries from a trade perspective.

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Public Liability Insurance for Carpet Laying

Quality public liability insurance is not to be taken lightly. Public liability insurance will protect you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage of property or economic loss resulting from your negligence. It's not a 'one size fits all' product either, speak to our team to ensure you have the right cover.

Tool Insurance for Tradies

As a carpet layer you have probably gradually collected all the tools you need for your trade, occasionally buying new tools as needed. $150 for a knee kicker is an expense most tradies can wear. But how would you fair financially if you needed to replace all your tools at once? Theft or damage to tools is an ever present risk for tradies. Tradesure's tools insurance for tradies protects you and your job if your gear goes missing or gets damaged, enabling fast replacement and avoiding the substantial costs involved in buying all new equipment.

Illness and Injury Cover for Carpet Layers

Illness and Injury Insurance takes the worry out of having to have time off if you get sick or injured. If you are like most tradesmen who once they stop work the money stops coming in illness and injury insurance is for you. This type of insurance protects you wherever you are – onsite, on a job or during time off, providing up to 5 years injury benefits and up to 2 years illness benefits. Discuss income protection with our team to protect your greatest asset, you.

Tradesure Insurance for Tradesmen

Tradesure are experts in trade insurance in Australia. We offer competitively priced premiums with easy pay by the month options at no extra cost. Contact our trade specialists today and talk to one of our team about tailoring a carpet layer insurance package for your requirements on 1800 872 331 or hit the green button for a free online quote.