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Locksmiths work to protect people and belongings, that's what we do too.

Tradesure can cater for all your locksmith insurance needs. We understand the mobile nature of your business means you could encounter a huge array of situations in one day. This type of trade needs a tailor made insurance package to ensure you are covered whatever happens on the job. From cutting keys to installing state of the art security systems, we have the cover for you.

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Locksmiths Public Liability Insurance

A custom Public Liability Insurance policy allows you to go to work without worrying about the 'what if's' of business. As a locksmith you are called to work in environments which are constantly changing. Protect yourself and those around you with top quality public liability cover. Tradesure offers $5 million of cover for a low monthly premium of $36.43*, making the right insurance affordable for every locksmith.

GET YOUR TOOLS PROTECTED - Tool Insurance for Lock smiths

Locksmiths are experts at keeping customers homes, cars and possessions secure but what happens when your tools go missing? Replacing your key machine, lock morticer or wafer pliers could see your business paying out thousands. Tradesure Trade Tools Insurance covers your tools and equipment and ensures you can be back on the job, fast.

DO YOU USE A TRAILER FOR WORK - Commercial Trailer Insurance

Your work trailer is not just a great place to advertise your business, it is also an indispensable piece of trade equipment. Tradesure Trade Trailer Insurance looks after your trailer and the things you store in it. This policy will specifically cover your trailer and its contents in the event of damage or theft.

Accident and Sickness Insurance

We all like to think the only time off we will have is during our holidays, but the reality of life is the unexpected happens. Accidents on and off the workplace occur everyday. Illness and Injury Insurance will safeguard your income if you get sick or injured and are unable to work for a period of time. The advantage of Tradesman illness and injury insurance is that it covers you on and off the job. If you fall on the ski slopes or catch the measles from your neighbour, we will cover you.

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