Are you covered for illness or injury?


Illness and injury can strike when you least expect it.  Sometimes it can be serious and have a huge impact on you and your family AND this can also cause massive financial stress.

What you may not know is that Illness and Injury insurance is very different from work place insurances such as WorkCover.

Workcover is the compulsory insurance employers must provide employees in case they uffer an accident in the workplace.  Illness and Injury insurance is 24/7 insurance cover for the policy holder whether they are at work or not.

When you have illness and injury insurance (which was previously known as income protection insurance) and you injure yourself at home or you become ill, your injury and illness policy will pay financial benefits that will help you to meet your commitments when you are unable to earn income.  

As an extra feature, you can now insure for business expenses up to 60% of your weekly benefit.  That is, if you are insured for $1000 per week illness and injury benefits you can also receive an additional $600 per week to cover your business expenses.?

Tradesure’s Illness and Injury Insurance provides 5 years accident benefits and 2 years sickness benefit. A standard 14 days waiting period applies, but if you want to reduce your premium cost, and depending on your financial situation, you can opt for longer waiting period before benefits are paid to you.

These benefits will provide money for daily living expenses – groceries, petrol, school fees, mortgage and other loan repayments – while you are unable to work and importantly, allow you the luxury of a worry-free recovery.

Illness and injury insurance is the must-have insurance for self-employed people, particularly tradesmen and sub-contractors.