Are Your Work Tools Covered For Theft?


Having your work tools stolen is an all too common occurrence and of course, without tools you can't work. Replacing tools is an expensive and time consuming process and tradesmen often realise too late that they have underestimated the value of the tools they have accumulated over the years.

Tools Insurance is among our most popular policies for a number of reasons - it’s affordable, application is straight forward and because we only insure tradesmen and sub-contractors, in the event of a claim, we clear it fast so tradies can return to earning as soon as possible.

Naturally, taking steps to keep you tools safe can save a lot of inconvenience, so avoid leaving them lying around the job site, and when not in use, lock them away.

If you’ve accumulated tools without keeping records, it might be a good idea to conduct a tool audit and make an inventory noting their approximate value.  You may be surprised to see how much gear you’ve collected and the potential replacement cost involved should any or all of them go missing. This will also give you an estimated value for your tools insurance policy and will greatly assist if a claim does occur.

It is important to make special mention of any tools valued at $2000 or more on your Tools insurance policy.  It won’t cost anything to list them, but if they are not listed your insurer will only pay a maximum claim of $2000 no matter how much more it costs to replace them.

Tradesure’s Tools Insurance policies begin from just $15.38 per month for $5000 cover and premiums may be paid monthly at no extra cost.

Tools insurance provides cover for tools which are stolen from a locked vehicle or premises, maliciously damaged or damaged as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

If you store your tools in a trailer, may we recommend you also insure your trailer.