How to become a paperless business


You would have heard the term 'paperless business' used before. But what does it really mean and how can it help your business to save money and time. 

Paperless Business

The phrase 'paperless business' refers to reducing the amount of paper your business uses each day by adopting technology which does the same job. 

Replacing your invoicing system with a paperless or online version is a great start for tradies wanting to reduce the paper load. By using an integrated invoicing/accounting/job allocation system your business could save hours each day. Not only are you reducing the paperwork involved in filling out job orders, invoices and statements, you're also increasing billable hours. Your team no longer need to check into the office at the beginning and end of each day to complete endless paperwork and receive job sheets, freeing up more of the day for time on the tools making money. 

Many businesses offer email or online accessible statements to reduce their costs and paper work. Businesses such as banks and other financial institutions are more than happy to increase their profits by not sending out statements. Other businesses have begun to charge customers if they request hard copies of statements, invoices and documents. Keep an eye out for this hidden cost.

Paperless Technology

Small businesses and tradies around the country are converting to paperless technology with the help of cloud based software. (Your software and information is saved on multiple secure servers around the world instead of just on your computer. This means if your computer dies or is damaged you still have all the information. It also allows you to access your info from anywhere on any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.) Programs aimed at tradies such as GeoOp or simPRO let you:

  • generate instant quotes
  • automatically invoice
  • schedule jobs
  • distribute job sheets
  • project manage from anywhere
  • improve staff communication
  • track staff locations
  • have instant access to documents, plans, photos, quotes, invoices etc
  • accurately track time spent at jobs
  • track payments
  • order stock from site
  • integrate invoices with your accounting software
  • access your customer information

All this without the use of one piece of paper.

Online accounting systems and mobile job management systems are just one step towards becoming paperless business. Other technology such as scanners, efax, Google Docs, Dropbox can also help your business to streamline, saving time and money.

Our team at Tradesure have integrated many paperless systems into our office. We can't claim to be a paperless office yet but we are far from the old days of insurance where the paper trails were long and complicated. Just one example is our quoting system. We can receive requests for, and send out, insurance quotes for everything from tiler insurance to builder insurance without using a scrap of tree.