Builder fined $8000 for no Builders Insurance!


Oh yeah, and he wasn't registered, didn't have a permit and demanded a deposit that was more than allowed. But humour us and focus on the insurance aspect.

A Victorian Builder was fined $8000 by the Victorian Building Authority for working without a permit or the required builders insurance, as well as working while unregistered and demanding a deposit more than allowed.

The Builder had received 2 different complaints for work he had undertaken; these being a home extension and a carport. Both complaints were filed after the client became concerned about delays and the quality of the work completed.

The Victorian Building Authority states that any domestic building work in Victoria costing more than $5000 must be undertaken by a registered Builder. By using a registered Builder you can be reassured that they will meet the legal requirements as well as having the appropriate builders insurance.

Do you have the correct Builders Insurance?

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View the VBA Media Release here