Business Insurance Quotes


For business insurance quotes talk to the team at Tradesure.  Tradesure specialises in business insurance for tradesmen with affordable business insurance package policies that can be paid by the month.

Business insurance quotes can comprise of individual business insurance policies including business public liability, business vehicle insurance, tools insurance, injury & accident insurance (formerly income protection insurance).  Alternatively, Tradesure can provide a business insurance quote that bundles all these insurances together into a business insurance package.

Business insurance is important, whether you own a medium to large company or you operate as a sole tradesman or you’re involved in a tradies partnership. 

The correct tradesman business insurance package is important and should be tailored to your needs – ask your Tradesure insurance advisor for a business insurance package quote.

Business insurance quotes – and specifically tradies business insurance - can be as broad or as defined as you need. 

Typically tradesmen business insurance packages will include general property, business public liability, tax audit, transit and statutory liability.  You can also add tradie specific insurance such as tools insurance and trademen work vehicle insurance into a business insurance package.

Business Property Insurance is included in a business insurance quote and it covers against loss or damage to buildings, contents and stock which might be the result of fire, storm and water.

This is particularly important if you are a tradie who works from a shed, or you have a tradies workshop or storage lock-up.

Tradies business insurance can also cover theft from your premises and breakage to glass.  Ensure your business insurance package covers all of the above.

A Tradies Business Insurance Package with property cover should also cover contents used in the trade business and items which are owned by the business owner, directors, partners or tradies in your employment for which you as the business owners are legally responsible whilst they are contained within the building.

However, there are exclusions to tradesmen business insurance package and we recommend that you discuss the exclusions as well as the inclusions with your Business Insurance consultant when you ask for a business insurance quote today.

To find out more about tradesman business insurance visit Tradesure’s website for a business insurance online quote or speak to your Tradesure business  insurance consultant. Always refer to your Product Disclosure Statement for complete details.