Chippie shares his story of stolen tools.


Ben Sutton is currently working as a carpenter in Waverley and has been on the tools since 1998, so in September, when he walked outside to his ute to find his toolbox had been jimmied into and all his tools stolen, he calmly took out his phone and immediately rang Tradesure.

Within 2 weeks of that phone call and a report to the Police, Ben was back on the tools with little disruption to his business, and minimal impact on his income and family life.

Ben explains, "Many of my Tradie mates were really concerned when I told them about my tools getting stolen, especially the ones that didn't have tools insurance. They thought I would have to replace my kit with my own money.”

Luckily for Ben, he cottoned on early to the value in tools insurance.

Ben says, “When I finished my apprenticeship and I was looking around for Income Protection Insurance and Public liability, a few other Tradesman suggested I look at including tools insurance into my bundle. They said it wasn’t much more, so that’s when I rang Forbes Chatham who put me onto Tradesure. Turns out now, I needed the tools insurance more than the Public Liability.

“Turns out now, I needed the tools insurance more than the Public Liability”.

Ben explains, “I recently saw on Facebook about a Tradie in Queensland, who had a whole trailer stolen, and it even had some of his bosses borrowed tools in it. He was saying he couldn’t afford to pay for tools insurance, but I don’t understand that because it’s only around $15 a month that’s less than a couple of beers at the pub.”

Ben has found the claims process simple and straight forward.  He mentions, “The girls at Tradesure were great. They kept giving me feedback and let me know what was going on each step of the way. The most effort I had to do was ducking away in my lunch break to do a bit of running around.  I had to chase up a few quotes and find a JP to sign the statuary declaration for tools that I didn’t have receipts for but, apart from that, everything else was done for me.”

 “I didn’t know the true value of my toolbox until I started adding up all the receipts. I had no idea I had accumulated over $9000 worth of tools over 16 years. Even now, I don’t realise certain tools are still missing until I go to use them and they aren’t there. But even that wasn’t a problem because the tools I didn’t have receipts for were covered when I signed a Stat Dec.”

Ben has now taken photos of all of his new tools and safely filed all his new receipts.  Ben says “The worst part is that some of my hand tools were handed down to me by my Grandfather who was a builder, and although I can replace the tool itself, the sentimental value has gone.”

To those tradies out there who have a toolbox or a trailer full of tools, Ben says, “Don’t muck around and just get it. If you have a trailer you could be carrying up to $20,000 worth of tools and I don’t know many tradies that can afford just to take $20k from their bank accounts to replace their tools. So you are absolutely crazy if you don’t have tools insurance.”