Contractors Insurance


When you are in business it’s important to have the correct contractors insurance and this applies to insurance for sub contractors. Operating as a contractor means that you are on your own as far as contractor insurance and Public Liability Insurance – you can't rely on the builder or developer's Public Liability Insurance cover.

The right contractor insurance will provide you certainty for the future, so please contact your Tradesure representative today or arrange a contractors insurance quote on line.

Contractor insurance can be as broad or as defined as you need, and it can be bundled or packaged to include insurance for contractors with products such as general property, contractor public liability, tax audit, transit and statutory liability.

Look for a Contractors Business Insurance pack that covers all of the above and that outlines just how cheap contractor insurance is! Contractor business property insurance is essentially insurance cover against loss or damage to buildings, contents and stock which might be the result of fire, storm and water.  Theft from your premises is also included for your contents and stock as is work tools insurance. 

Contractor Public Liability Insurance is an essential for all contractors - in fact, in some situations tradesmen are not allowed onto work sites without it. If you’re considering Contractor Public Liability Insurance, talk to Tradesure, a company that specialises in arranging public liability insurance specifically for tradesmen. Of all insurances, Contractor Public Liability insurance is arguably the most critical. The bottom line is that if an incident happens on the worksite and you don’t have Contractor Public Liability insurance, you run the risk of being liable for thousands or even millions of dollars.

While the industry minimum standard for public liability insurance cover is $5 million, there’s a growing demand for $10 million public liability insurance.  To arrange a contractors insurance quote for either of these amounts please contact your Tradesure representative. A small investment – the cost of Contractor Public Liability Insurance – can save a huge headache later, and potentially your business.

Your Tradesure insurance representative will answer your questions on Contractor Public Liability Insurance or our Contractor Business Insurance Package, however, always refer to your Product Disclosure Statement to ensure you are aware of both inclusions and exclusions.

When you are in business it’s important to have the correct Contractor Business Insurance that applies specifically to tradesmen.  Whether you own a medium to large building company or you operate as a sole trader or you’re involved in a partnership, the right contractor/sub-contractor business insurance will provide the peace of mind you need for the future.