Electrician Business Insurance


If you're an electrician, you need electrician business insurance AND you also need electrician liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, electrician tool insurance as well as electrician injury insurance in case you have an accident or get sick. Without any or all of these insurances you could be exposed to financial hardship when things go wrong, so make sure you get a quote for the electrician business insurance that suits you best. 

Electrician liability insurance or as it is correctly called public liability insurance for tradesmen is the cover you need when you are responsible for damage to someone or someone else’s property.  

For example, you’ll be covered if you have electrician liability insurance (public liability insurance) when you’re on the job and someone else on the job site accidentally gets zapped or maybe they trip over your stuff and end up with broken leg that you are legally liable for.  Public liability insurance cover to keep you out of strife.  Most electrician liability insurance is for $5 million but it is becoming more common for electrician liability insurance quotes and policies to be written for $10 million.

Electrician tool insurance is another important tradesman insurance and it will ensure that if your electrician tools are stolen or damaged you’ll be able to get back to work quickly.  

Electrician business insurance can be bundled or packaged to include electrician business insurance products such as general property, electrician liability insurance (public liability insurance), tax audit, transit and statutory liability.

Electrician business insurance for property provides cover against loss or damage to buildings, contents and any stock which might be the result of fire, storm and water.  Theft from your premises is also included for your contents and stock.

Electrician business insurance includes breakage to glass from a fracture extending through the entire thickness of the external or internal glass.  It also covers buildings owned by you or for which you are legally responsible and this includes fixtures, fittings and underground or above ground services, walls, gates, fences and all other structures improvements at that location.

There are many other inclusions and some exclusions in electrician business insurance that you should know about, so be sure to ask your electrician business insurance advisor for full details or refer to your electrician business insurance PDS.