Give your ute, van or truck a winter check up


As a tradesmen and women we know you rely on your work vehicles everyday for transport, storage and sometimes to be a mobile office or a workshop on wheels. The beginning of winter is the perfect time to ensure your vehicle is not only safe for the coming conditions but is also going to be reliable through the cold months.

The RAC recommend a winter check up including:

  • Battery - Winter sees the most vehicle assist call outs for failed batteries. Ensure you keep the battery terminals clean and tight, and the water level topped up. The RAC advise coating the terminal with petroleum jelly to inhibit corrosion.
  • Ignition - Check over spark plugs, leads and the distributor for loose or corroded connections. Spraying with silicone spray is advised.
  • Lights - Review lights and lenses for cracks which could let water in and cause corrosion.
  • Fan belt - Cracks or deterioration in the belts can cause overheating, flat battery and loss of power steering. 
  • Tyres - Tyre pressure, uneven or excessive wear and sidewall damage could mean the difference between gripping through the corner or sliding across it. Check your tyres and don't hesitate to replace old and worn tyres.
  • Vision - Top up windscreen washer fluid levels, check demisters and ensure your wiper blades are actually wiping, not just smearing.

Tradies Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This is a great time to make sure your commercial vehicle insurance is up to date, correctly covers the area you travel and includes all drivers. Tradesure has been covering tradies and subbies work vehicles for years. Give our team a call to ensure you are really ready for winter on 1800 024 799 or complete our Quote Request form today.