Hold onto your SEAT!! SEAT Leon Cupra rally car falls from crane


Sometimes stupid happens. You think you have thought of everything you need to get the job done correctly and safely and then you realise you forgot to put the handbrake on. That is what trade insurance is for.

This team had the job to crane-lift Telcel S.A.'s brand new Seat Leon Cupra rally car when their worst nightmare happened. It slowly rolled off it's cradle and dropped 2 storeys smashing onto the street.

The car is valued at $500,000 and was built with most of the technology in the front end making it extremely heavy in the nose, so might it have been a BMW 1 series M Coupe the damage bill might not have been so extensive.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing and while we don't profess to be experts in hoisting, we believe some simple prevention methods might have helped in these circumstance. Such as; applying the handbrake, using wheel chocks, straps on the wheels, tie downs, putting the car into gear or even lifting the cradle's front wheel guards.

Let's just hope that the tradesman and the car owners were smart enough to get the proper insurance in place. Even though the owner of the vehicle hopefully would have had a full comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, it would be the crane operator that would cop the blame. The motor insurance would pay out on behalf of the owner, then recover the damages from the crane operator.

So in this case let’s hope the crane operator had contacted his trade insurer to obtain the correct public liability policy that would cover this event.