How to speed up your tradies insurance claim


When something goes wrong in your business, knowing that your insurance company will respond quickly and get things back to normal in the shortest possible time takes some of the worry out of the claims process. You can help keep the wheels turning by doing your bit as well.

Tips to speed up your trade insurance claim

Keep your relevant paperwork and current insurance policies in an easily accessible place. It's also a good idea to have copies off site as well for back up in the event of a fire.

Update your policies regularly if things change throughout the year. Don't leave it until your yearly premiums are due to adjust your policy. Speak to your insurance broker as soon as you invest in a major piece of new equipment, move or renovate premises or start a project much larger than usual. They will provide expert advice as to any policy changes needed.

In the case of vehicle insurance, work trailer insurance or tool insurance keeping a record of the insured equipment is essential. Taking photos can be a quick way of keeping inventory of your tools, identifying your trailer and your vehicle. Keeping VIN and rego details with your policy paperwork also helps ensure everything is on hand when you need it most.

When an incident occurs ensure you take down notes as soon as is practical, it's easy to get hazy with the details later in the day. The beauty of smart phones is most people have a camera in their pocket allowing for quick pictures to be taken of the area (after OH&S procedures have been carried out and everyone is safe). The more information you can supply to your insurer, the quicker the claim can proceed. 

Give your broker a call, they deal with insurance claims all day and can be the level head you need in times of crisis. Your broker can give you the run down on the claims process and what information your insurer will need for your particular claim and which forms you need to fill out. There is nothing more frustrating than filling out endless forms only to find out they were the wrong ones. 

Tradesman Insurance Claims

The golden rule of insurance claims is never tweak the truth. Ever. Be up front and honest from the start. 

Speed your tradesman insurance claims process up as much as possible by being prepared, giving a detailed account of the incident, communicating well with your broker and being honest.