Insure your most important asset


We all work hard every day to build our wealth, grow our investments, give our children opportunities we didn't have and, hopefully someday, live an easier life. Nose to the grind stone, head down, sun up to sun down, work, work, work. Some days the weight on our shoulders can seem so heavy, and the day can seem so long but we take a big breath and soldier on so we can reach the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Most of us aren't experts in banking or finance so we get financial advice from the professionals with what to do with our hard earned cash. We protect it in the best way we can, get some interest along the way and build it little by little. We also sensibly put regular super away for retirement.

You build your small business up so finally you can buy the house, the car, the second car and maybe a few toys to make the weekend fun like a boat or caravan. The list is endless. 

With all this in mind, what do you think is your most important asset? What's the thing you should take the most care of and ensure all the safety measures are in place to protect it from harm? Your house? It cost the most. Your business equipment? That would cost a bomb to replace. Wrong, all these things do need protecting but the most important asset you have is you!

With out getting all 'doom and gloom' about the issue, what would happen if tomorrow you were taken out of the equation? It is a fact of tradie life that you are usually the main pin in your business, even if you have a few guys working for you. Remove that pin and the whole structure can come tumbling down.

Taking care of all your other assets is just common sense. You have house insurance to protect your home, vehicle insurance in case you get in a prang and financial advice to keep your savings safe. So why don't we use our common sense to look after ourselves?

Protect your most important asset with income protection insurance

Income protection insurance isn't just for the worry-warts, the pessimists or the super rich. It is specifically for people like you, workers who rely on their income to pay the bills every month. 

"Pfft, don't need that", I hear you say, "we have work cover". That's fantastic, work cover is a great system which will protect you if a brick drops on your head at work but what if you get hurt on the weekend? Or if you get sick? 

Income protection insurance will provide an income for your business, family and yourself if you can't work due to sickness, injury or disease. As with every other safety net you invest in it pays to speak to the professionals to make sure you are getting the right product for your situation.

Income protection is the best protection you can get for your most important asset, you.