Man Flu is coming and it's no joking matter.


Man Flu may not be a myth after all; recent studies have discovered that men who have high levels of testosterone have weaker immune systems.

The Study by Stanford University School of Medicine, reported on both Men and Women’s reactions from a flu vaccination. It found that men’s immune systems didn’t respond as strongly to vaccinations against infectious diseases such as influenza, measles and hepatitis as women.

This gives light to why men feel the symptoms such as fever, dry cough, muscle aches and pains, fatigue, headache, sore throat and a stuffy or funny nose more than their female counterparts.

Uri Scelwyn from the Omega Health Medical Centre said the amount of cases seen in January and February was double that of last year. Dr Wilson from FNQ Medicare said “Australia is seeing an earlier start to the 2014 flu season due to an increase in overseas visitors and Australians holidaying overseas”.

Based on actuarial data, from Influenza Specialist Group, “Australia and overseas observations, it is believed that there are some 1,500 – 2,500 influenza-related deaths annually in Australia.”

With this in mind Tradies and Builders should be seriously considering how to manage their health and sickness during 2014. Influenza represents a significant burden on Tradesman’s businesses each year through productivity and economic loss.

The Australian Government has been supplying free influenza vaccines for eligible people since March and for those who don’t qualify the cost is approximately $15 for the vaccine shot.

Ross Forbes from Tradesure says “Tradies need to be smart about their health, getting the flu can have a significant impact on their business with lost days on the job which can lead to lost contracts and cause a significant loss in income”. Ross suggests “Tradies should consider ways to mitigate the risks of getting ill, one is to have the flu shot and the other is to get income protection insurance”.

“Sickness and Accident insurance (or Income Protection Insurance) covers up to 2 years financial benefits if you get sick and can’t go to work. It can also allow you to employ people in the business to cover you while you are off. With recovery from influenza taking up to 3 weeks you could recover the cost of your premiums with one bout of flu.” Ross explains.