One tough plumbing job


We all know plumbers deal with situations on a day to day basis that most of us, thankfully, never have to encounter. However, a recent plumbing job in CFS Alert, on the northern tip of Canada, would be a challenge for even the most experienced plumber.

The ten day job involved a nine member navy diver team travelling over 4000 kms to the world's most northern permanently inhabited community, to repair 2 pumps which supplied the town with fresh water. The Arctic winter conditions meant working in 24 hour darkness, with temperatures averaging minus 33 degrees. The team had to drill through metre thick ice to reach the pumps and then use a robot submarine to assess the damage.

The divers were able to successfully repair one pump in the freezing waters, but the second was unable to be fixed as it was caught up in the ice above the waterline. This repair will have to wait until the warmer conditions of summer for completion.

With frostbite only a few layers of clothing away, we hope they had really good Injury and Illness insurance cover!