Sparkies and Builders busy from Infinity recall


Electrical contractors, Builders and Appliance installers can expect to see an increase in phone calls requesting inspections from home and business owners that had electrical work done between 2010 and 2013.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have begun a recall on the “Infinity” cable after it was discovered that the plastic insulation coating was faulty.

The cable failed electrical safety standards when testing revealed that the cable degrades prematurely increasing the risk of exposing live conductors that could result in fire or electric shocks.

The ACCC has advised that while all cables age at different rates subject to their conditions, experts have predicted that this cable may become brittle as early as 2016 onwards.

Sparkies and Builders should brief themselves on the recall procedure via the ACCC website to ensure they are providing the correct response to these inquiries.

Any unused or removed Infinity cable may be returned to the cable supplier for refund or replacement. The cables were supplied in NSW (2010-2013); ACT (2011-2013); in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia & Western Australia (all 2012-2013) and in Tasmania in 2013.