Electricians have shown a decrease in claiming for cancer related conditions.


The cost of insurance claims for cancer related conditions made by electricians in the UK has fallen according to ECIS, an employee benefits provider for the construction sector.

The Cancer Research UK reported that the findings implied that due to better screening methods, medical treatment and greater awareness all contributed to the fall in death rates from Cancer. 

While this is a positive result Electricians and Tradies alike, they are still encourage to attend regular checkups as death rates for liver, pancreatic, melanoma, oral and some digestive cancers are still on the increase.

The key is early detection according to ECIS sales and Marketing director Phil Scarrett, “Early detection is really important and this can often be achieved through a blood test, which forms part of a regular health assessment under the ECIS industry approved benefits package. We always encourage attendance at assessments but sadly, according to our data, 2 in 3 fail to accept the invitation.

“This is often due to work commitments and issues over payment for time off to attend the assessments. We know that better screening has had a positive impact on the number of deaths from some of the most common cancers so we would really urge electricians to get screened on a regular basis rather than take an ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to their health.”