Stretch your budget further with tradie insurance from Tradesure


Everyone is on the lookout for ways to save money and make their hard earned dollars go further. We buy the deals, shop around, check the specials, for everything from buying toothpaste to the new work Ute. It's getting harder and harder in today's fast paced world to make sure we're paying the best price without having to spend hours and hours researching each and every purchase. Tradesure is here to lend a hand and save you time and money on one small, but very important part of your budget, insurance.

Save Time

Ever spent a day hard at it only to reach knock off time to realise you really haven't achieved much? Why does this happen? Sometimes constant phone calls or interruptions stalls progress. Other times a simple job can get blown out into a huge task because of a thousand little details or drama's. Tradies often complain that the paperwork side of their job also takes up way too much of their valuable, billable time.

Tradesure have heard this one many times before, that's why we are committed to providing a full service tradesman insurance solution. Our many years in the tradie insurance business allows us to give you the premiums which are relevant to your trade without all the stuff you don't need.

Combine all your insurance needs in one neat tailored package. This eliminates the time needed to compare different offers from insurance companies each year when your premiums are due. Some companies love to word their marketing in such as way that makes it impossible to measure two offers together. Like trying to compare apples with apples but what you're really getting is nuts.

Save Money

Cash flow has to be up the top of the list of stresses small businesses and tradies have. Those big bills that come once a year can stop your business in it's tracks. Even though you know it's coming and have managed the budget so it won't hurt too much, it just takes one late customer payment to throw it all out the window.

Yikes! We get anxious just thinking about it. So what's the answer? How do small businesses and tradies avoid this situation?

Tradesure have a solution to your budgeting worries with pay by the month tradesman insurance premiums. Keep it small, keep it manageable. No big bills, no lump sum payments to knock the cash flow into overdrive. Competitive premiums with easy monthly payments at no extra cost.

Save with Tradesure Tradies Insurance

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