Technology for Tradies


Using technology on site or on a job can reduce your work load in many ways. Being able to immediately carry out tasks which would normally be tackled at the end of an exhausting day or during valuable weekends off gives you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Invoicing and Quoting

There are hundreds of apps for invoicing customers and quoting on work which can be used via mobile devices, potentially saving considerable admin time at the end of the day. Invoicing and quoting apps also allow you to keep track of who has paid and outstanding invoices.


Bookkeeping or accounting apps can save your business loads on accountant fees and bookkeeping costs. Accountants love bookkeeping apps as they present all the information orderly (just like they like it) and it sure beats the shoe box full of receipts and paperwork they often get. (Be sure to check with your accountant as to which system he/she prefers, Quickbooks, Xero, etc.) In addition they provide an instant check on how your business is going financially.


Having your email on hand can assist in quick response times for quoting and responding to queries. The old saying 'The early bird gets the worm' certainly applies to getting trade work. Being the first to respond to a quote request or query makes your business appear professional and keen to get the work.

Debt collection

Chasing payments from customers is a nasty job. Every tradie business has invoices outstanding at some time or another and maintaining cash flow in small business is a delicate balance. These apps allow you to SMS or email reminders and keeps tabs on all outstanding invoices so debts don't get forgotten or slip through the cracks.

Your Business info

Keep all your business information at your fingertips. With Cloud based software you can access plans, contracts, quotes, notes and much more, all from your smartphone or tablet. Streamlining your work by having these things available means more billable hours in the day.


Online calenders give your team instant access to daily, weekly or monthly scheduling. These integrated programs can synchronize from emails to calenders and add jobs or adjust appointments on the go. All the information for the next job is in one place including the time booked, address, job description and parts needed. Your Project Manager can book in work as he quotes it.

Professional Image

Customer perception of your business is a huge part of today's workplace. Presenting a professional, polished image can give your business the edge over others. Having customers names, details and all the info you need to complete the job instantly available makes your team look sharp.

Builders Insurance, etc

Many of the companies tradesman have to deal with have made their services web friendly. This enables you to carry out everything from vehicle registration renewal to purchasing a new drill from where ever you are. The team at Tradesure have embraced this technology by providing instant builders insurance and other trade insurance quotes and applications from our website. We have also taken the pain out of the claims process making it easier than ever before to lodge a claim.

Whatever your need there is probably an app for it. Technology can be used to get more out of your day, and your finances.