Water tight contract works insurance - Don't get caught out!


A situation in the press recently stood as a great example of why it pays to have really good contract works insurance. A builder on the New South Wales south coast experienced a string of events which led to a contractor being hurt and the partial collapse of the build.

The incident started with the theft of some timber from the building site overnight. The builder had fenced the partially constructed house and even had a mate keeping an eye on the place. However, all this failed to deter the thieves. Some of the stolen timber was being used as extra supports for the the front veranda and part of the roof.

The next morning the missing supports caused the roof and veranda to collapse taking with it a roof tiler who was working on the roof at the time. The roofer sustained a knee injury in the fall, but was lucky not to have suffered more injuries.

Unfortunately the builder is looking at a damage bill of around $10,000.

Water tight contract works insurance

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