World Plumbing Day – Acknowledge a Plumber


Who can stick their arms where no other Tradie would dare?

Who can locate and mark the position of pipe installations, connections, passage holes, and fixtures in structures at the speed of light?

Who’s willing to crawl into A space that even your dog wouldn't?

A plumber, that’s who!!

Let’s face it, there’s no superheroes made from a Chippie or Sparkie. That’s why on World Plumbing Day, March 11, we took time out to acknowledge Plumbers. We know that Plumbers are not often held in high regard, I mean you always think twice before shaking a plumbers hand on site. But when your knee deep in shhhhtuff on a site, he becomes your best friend very quickly. That’s why we recognize Plumbers as the unsung heroes in public health sanitation -  they deserve our thanks.

This past March 11, 2014 was World Plumbers Day. Please join us in thanking our plumbers, the tradies who will detect the faults in plumbing appliances, who will measure, cut, bend and thread pipes, who will test and make sure our toilets meet regulations.

The next time we flush, we thank you, the Superhero Plumbers!